My Artwork – Drawings and Prints of Horses

Limited Edition Giclee Prints

Bridlewood Art offers museum quality giclee prints from our original pencil drawings.  (Really, these aren’t photos, they’re drawings!)  Giclee prints are created using high resolution scans of the original artwork which are then printed on 100% cotton paper using archival ink.  This printing process is superior to lithography in nearly every way.  Giclees are more expensive to produce but the result is a superior fine art piece.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each artwork includes a unique signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity as your guarantee of a genuine Bridlewood Art Giclee.  Each print is carefully inspected for quality before it is signed and numbered.  The COA is attached to the  back of the artwork in an acid free sleeve but we recommend placing the COA with your other important papers as proof of ownership should loss or damage occur.  We also include a care sheet with tips for proper care of your print, and recommendations for placement when hanging your artwork to give it the longest life possible.

Original Artwork

If you decide you’d like the original artwork, click on the dropdown list below the image.  If the original is available it will be on that list.

Matting and Framing

Almost all of our artwork is sold framed.  Why?  Because no one is as picky about it as we are.  Bridlewood Art Giclee Prints are mounted and matted with archival materials including acid free mat, acid free foam core and acid free mounting hinges.  Each artwork includes a special laser engraved title plaque.

Our frames are crafted by Uniquely Northwest in a soft satin black finish.  They are simple and elegant in design and will work with most every decor.  If you decide to hang several as a group you know they’ll look great together.

Archival Qualities

Bridlewood Art Giclee Prints are made from 100% cotton rag, to give you a print made with one of the purest forms of cellulose. It is an acid free archival quality paper, buffered with calcium carbonate to combat acid attack that finished prints may encounter from air pollution.

Fade Resistance

For longevity, Bridlewood Art uses only top quality archival ink. This type of ink has far greater fade resistance than the equivalent dye based ink. This results in the best possible fine art reproduction.

As with original artwork, your giclee prints should be framed behind glass and displayed away from direct sunlight.

Environment of Display

The most important environmental factors in displaying prints are light, relative humidity, and temperature. Both visible and ultraviolet light can deteriorate images.  The careful placement of framed artwork on inside walls away from sources of direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold will prolong their life.

Because giclee prints are made to order please allow us 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. We require this amount of time to receive proofs from our printer, have the giclee printed, matted, framed and shipped.